Compare License Types

Description Slow Workstation License
Desktop Developer License Web Developer License Enterprise Developer License Site License OEM Developer License OEM Site License
Lifetime License your license key will work perpetually for the version you buy
Shows ByteScout logo on startup, need to click on it yes no reminders, no watermarks, no banners
Data Processing Speed x10-x25 times slower full speed, no limits
For web applications
For desktop applications
You can make apps for
1 end-user only
at the same company
at 1 single location only
unlimited end-users at up to 3 unique locations unlimited end-users at up to 12 unique locations unlimited end-users at unlimited unique locations
Updates, bug-fixes and patches
no updates
12 months
Technical Support
not included
12 months of private technical support via email and secure support desk
Create unlimited applications
1 single in-house application
unlimited desktop or web applications on unlimited servers
Number of developers single developer, 1 single license per company/person single single single up to 12 single up to 12
30 day moneyback guarantee
no refunds

30 day no questions asked moneyback guarantee
Create your own API, interface, command line or other type of automation based on ByteScout or on data generated Not Allowed. Do you want to create your own API based on ByteScout?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure! For subscription based online Rest API please sign up here. For on-premise (offline) Software Development Kits please download free trial from this page.
This license has limited data processing speed and is limited to the use in one single desktop application running on a single in-house workstation. Comparing to other licenses the data processing speed is x10 to x100 times slower. For example, saving a file can take from 1 to 10 seconds even longer comparing to other licenses. Reading of data is not limited.
Developer is a software creator or programmer who writes software or end-user who creates or configures scripts or other automation, systems administrator or any person who configures the product
An application is a software product, application, a server-side or client-side script that uses ByteScout runtime and is used by humans through User Interface. No API or automation interfaces can be included into Application to access functions of the SDK.
A location is a single physical location or office. In case of virtual infrastructure, a location is determined based on the actual physical location of end-users of an application. To redistribute your application(s) to unlimited locations please contact us using this contact form and our manager will contact you back.
Evaluation version (download it here) allows you to evaluate the full functionality of the product it for 60 days. Full version provides the same set of the functionality but without reminders, demo watermarks and time limitations.
The license key you have will work perpetually for the version you have purchased. Once your subscription expired you may renew you renew your access to the latest patches, updates and technical support at the fraction of the initial cost.
Standard licenses do not allow to create API, service or any automated interface based on ByteScout. Please contact us to find more about special custom license using this contact form and we will back to you very soon.
Standard licenses do not allow to to deploy your app along with your own hardware or devices. Please contact us to find more about special custom license using this contact form and we will back to you very soon.
Renewal prices 40% of the full license price when purchased within 3 months after the expiration. After 3 months you should purchase a full new license if you want to access the latest version.
We provide 30-day unconditional money back guarantee for our installable products except Slow License which are not refundable. Cloud services are not refundable as they are monthly based, so you may just cancel your subscription.
Yes, we provide FREE LICENSES for schools, non-profit, academic users, and research projects. Each request is the subject of manual review. Please contact us for more details.
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